sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

sweater dress outfit and the benefits of waiting to go to college

Hey there, Ladies! I want to share this little number with you guys that is perfect for chilly days. I also want to let you guys in on my story of taking a few years off after high school and the benefits of waiting to go to college.

Here are my outfit deets for you! I’m a firm believer that cowboy boots go with ANYTHING. Honestly, I found these ones at AE a few years back. I found a similar pair here at Famous Footwear (until I can afford Tony Lama’s) if you are looking for an affordable alternative. My lace up sweater dress is from Tobi’s. It is also available in black, mauve, or wine. It’s great to bundle up in on the chilly days, and it is really easy to simply throw on as you’re running out the door. You can also check out my other post where I’m sharing how to style an oversized sweater dress.

As some of you may know, last year I decided to go back to school. I really can’t say “go back” since I never attended college in the first place. Last Fall, I went to school (better?). At 22, I am in my second semester of college, and I LOVE it! So today I wanted to share with you guys a little about that and the benefits I have found of waiting to go to school or even going back years later. It is what I chose to do and looking back, there are so many reasons I’m glad I did.

I graduated from high school in 2014 and remember then saying that either I would go to school right away, or I wouldn’t go at all. It was not something I wanted to put off or wait. I chose to pass on school and instead picked up more hours at the job I was then at. And then two years ago I got the urge to go to school. I had signed up for classes in 2016 but after getting the tuition bill, flipped out a tad, reconsidered what I was doing, and backed out. But a year later, and I decided I would just go for it. I just had to try at least one semester and see. I didn’t want to look back down the road and regret not even giving it a try.

Last fall I enrolled in classes and I loved it. As a freshmen, though, I admit I was in classes that were full of 18 year old freshmen, and even high school students. But during those few months of learning and watching those around me, I was so thankful for that 3 year gap, and here is why.

For starters, I actually wanted to learn. Coming out of high school, so many of us were burned out. You did a lot of studying, homework, and need I mention the ACT and SATS? To go right into college is a big change and can be draining and obligatory. But college should not always be that way. I was plain out excited to learn not just about my major, but also about different subjects. If you go into college dragging your feet it is going to be so much harder to gain what there is to offer (and what you paid for!).

Next, I was just more mature. I took my schooling serious and realized the importance of it and doing well (I just couldn’t afford to do poorly). College is such a big jump and you don’t want to get started on the wrong foot. But just over those few years, I had grown up a little bit more. With so much more homework, you have to learn to juggle, prioritize, and not stress out over everything.

I’ll be honest with you guys. I didn’t like feeling “behind”. And I wasn’t. Plenty of people wait to go to school and many go back years or even decades later. But most of my friends were entering their senior year as I was entering my freshman. But really, it’s just not a big deal. And it should not be what holds you back if you are considering pursuing an education. What you learn is so valuable and is something that will always be with you. It’s all about going at your own pace.

During that 3 year break I worked and learned how to do different tasks at my job but also how to work with others and within a business. I also picked up blogging during that time and have dabbled in photography. And though blogging has been an on, off, and on again cycle, it is something I enjoy and love to do. Point is, I learned a lot during those years about myself and life that have helped me now in college.

So who knows where this will take me. Currently, I am planning on working towards my interior design degree. Although I will say right now, that IS NOT set in stone. This is the same girl who didn’t think she would go to college. So I’m not saying anything for sure. Hopefully this encouraged you. Maybe you are thinking about going back or did go back after a long break. I would love to hear from you and anything you learned along the way.





Hey there guys!

Today I’m sharing this blush oversized sweater dress from Tobi.com. I love wrapping up in over-sized throw-overs during the winter-they are so easy. This sweater is also available in a black or a wine color. I’m wearing size small. My LC Booties are available at Kohl’s and are now only half the price. The black floppy hat I honestly got a while ago but found a similar one at Banana Republic.

So since I started blogging I have come across a handful of amazing blogs that I love and am always keeping tabs on. Whether on their actual site, Insta, or Facebook, I’m always checking in. There are sooo many bloggers out there that sometimes finding ones you really love can almost be difficult.

So today I thought I would share some of my faves. When I’m stumped (like I was today) I often give them a visit to get some inspiration or to check out how they run their blog. I consider them my “blogging role models.”

The Sweetest Thing Blog

Emily always has something new to share! I have no idea how she keeps up with it all. Not to mention she is also a wife and momma. I love her style (though I admit a bit pricy). But she knows how to put an outfit together (for her and her family) and offers great fashion + beauty inspiration.

 Mckenna Bleu

This girl LOVES bright colors. Between that and her travel pics, she will have you dreaming about the beach. All. Day. Long. I love the way she incorporates bright colors into her outfits and home while still maintaining a simple, pretty, and sophisticated style.

Champagne & Chanel

This beauty shares her favorite fashion and beauty ideas while pursuing her love of fashion. I love her style and her young take on trends makes her easy to relate to. She is also not afraid to be bold and pulls off some amazing outfits.


Tomi is also a  young entrepreneur who really rocks this blogging thing like a boss. She does a fantastic job at incorporating both her personal life and fashion into her blog. And she is incredibly personable.

Twist Me Pretty

Abby is AMAZING! This girl right here was the first blogger I ever found. I came across her years ago because of her hair tutorials. As a wife and mom of 4, she is always sharing her crazy family while still managing to produce and share hair tutorials for any level. I just love her bubbly personality, and she does not hesitate to share the honest craziness of life!





Can anyone else tell that I was absolutely chilled to the bone in these pictures? I’m such a freeze baby to begin with, and this was quite the day for a li’l photo shoot. My nose is so red! And that last one is definitely candid (It is pretty near impossible for me to take serious pics-I just feel so weird!).

Anyway, if you deal with cold weather, you know how easy it is to throw style out the window for something warm. So I thought I would share with ya’ll some of my winter faves (when I do decide to skip the over sized hand-me-down hoodie). And note: I do normally wear jackets in the winter! lol. But you guys just had to check out this textured cardi from Hollister (which is one of my new fave stores at the moment)! It is sooooo comfy, warm, and cozy, and it was 1/2 off baby!

Heavy and chunky sweaters are seriously your best bet! If it’s a pullover sweater I even love to pair a statement necklace with it (it’s an easy way to brighten up an outfit and look more pulled together). And remember to layer! Even if you can’t see a shirt underneath, something tight against you will help keep you warmer. Plus, if you are worried about getting too hot, you have the option to take the top layer off.

Need I say…leggings? I know I know, this is getting out of hand. But they are just so comfy and versatile. I especially love the fleece lined ones. They are so much warmer and also hold their shape much longer than your average knit pair. Also,these boots are my go-to boots for the winter for the reason that I love the camel color. Generally, you should stay away from mixing browns and blacks (they clash). But lighter and more orange browns look great against black. These go with the majority of my closet, and I have even paired them with a dress and legwarmers as well. (Also, the faux leather is great because you don’t have to worry about salt stains, and they are super easy to clean).

Also, my scalloped purse (H & M) was one of my Christmas gifts. (It won’t keep you warm but it’s pretty cute). I had been wanting a structured purse and love this one! The color (what color is that…taupe?) goes with everything and I just love the scallops. H & M has a great selection to choose from and they are affordable as well.

Don’t forget to comment below. I’d love to hear some of your winter faves!