Hey there, Babes!

Anyone ever think high-waisted jeans would be back? Right up there with shoulder pads and denim on denim. It all comes back around sooner or later. I bought these jeans a year or two ago from TJMaxx (they’re Hollister) and never really wore them much until I re-found them in my dresser. They are a new look for me. Let’s be real, any day I wear jeans is a “new” look!

If you know me or have been following me, you may be getting an idea of my style. And aside from “leggings” I love the boho/country/beachy look though I don’t always show it–I’m much too indecisive for that. Really it just depends on my mood (yeah, yeah, I’m that kind of a girl). But almost always I prefer simple and easy with little fuss. Who doesn’t?

So I’m going to share a few ways to wear these jeans. Not sure how you feel about them yet? Yeah, me neither. Because there are definitely styles that I don’t like and so for me it really depends on how they are worn. I am not a fan of grunge or goth. And hipster makes me nervous. Ha! So here are my ways of styling them in an easy breezy everyday way.

I love a looser top tucked into these high-waisted jeans. Or you could just tuck the front in and let the back hang out–I do this look quite often.

A crop top also pairs well with this look. I have gone with a shorter sweater and threw on a faux leather jacket. Speaking of which, a cropped jacket is a great choice because it pulls the outfit together (especially if you have a flouncy top) but also accentuates the high-waist.

Want to transition into spring of summer? Try a tucked in tank (flouncy or fitted) and a pair of sandals or even flops.

There are also different flare styles out there. Bell bottoms are great for straight figures because the curvy jeans help to give the illusion of a more filled out figure. They are also a great way to elongate the leg which is great for petite girls.

What do you think? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!

1. Tropical Leaf Cut Out One Piece 2. Gisela Oversized Sunglasses 3. Sea Angel One Shoulder Ruffle Bikini 4. Pink Tie Side Bikini Bottom 5. Clean Water Tropical Cut Out One Piece 6. Aerie Cross Back Scoop Bikini 7. Aerie Navy Bikini Bottom 8. Old navy Classic Flip Flops 9.Sea Angel Floral Lace Halter One Piece


I have had beach on the brain, but the only thing I can see is snow! Anyone else ready for summer yet? I started using these cold days to eat better and (uh um) start working out–I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. I also have been playing around with some new health + beauty products that I’m excited to be doing some reviews on coming up.

But, to help satisfy our sunshine + saltwater cravings I wanted to share some bright swimsuits to snag this year. I’m lovin’ these floral prints, especially the green tropical leaves. Be sure to get them soon. Swimwear starts to come out in stores about now and if you wait a few months you’ll be sorting through what’s left over.

Also, who else is super excited for the Olympics?! I never realized how dangerous all these winter sports are! Those speed skaters make me so nervous. There are indeed pros to curling. But all joking aside, I have always loved the Olympics and will be unavailable for the next two weeks (wink wink)!

Happy Monday!





Hey there Ladies!

Here are my outfit deets for you! I’m a firm believer that cowboy boots go with ANYTHING. Honestly, I found these ones at AE a few years back. I found a similar pair here at Famous Footwear (until I can afford Tony Lama’s) if you are looking for an affordable alternative. My lace up sweater dress is from Tobi’s. It is also available in black, mauve, or wine. It’s great to bundle up in on the chilly days, and it is really easy to simply throw on as you’re running out the door.

As some of you may know, last year I decided to go back to school. I really can’t say “go back” since I never attended college in the first place. Last Fall, I went to school (better?). At 22, I am in my second semester of college, and I LOVE it! So today I wanted to share with you guys a little about that and the benefits I have found of waiting to go to school or even going back years later. It is what I chose to do and looking back, there are so many reasons I’m glad I did.

I graduated from high school in 2014. I remember then saying that either I would go to school right away, or I wouldn’t go at all. I did not want to put it off or wait. I chose to pass on school and instead picked up more hours at the job I was then at. And then two years ago I got the urge to go to school. I had signed up for classes in 2016 but after getting the tuition bill, flipped out a tad, reconsidered what I was doing, and backed out. But a year later, and I decided I would just go for it. I just had to try at least one semester and see. I didn’t want to look back down the road and regret not even giving it a try.

Last fall I enrolled in classes and I loved it. As a freshmen, though, I admit I was in classes that were full of 18 year old freshmen, and even high school students. But during those few months of learning and watching those around me, I was so thankful for that 3 year gap, and here is why.

For starters, I actually wanted to learn. Coming out of high school, so many of us were burned out. You did a lot of studying, homework, and need I mention the ACT and SATS? To go right into college is a big change and can be draining and obligatory. But college should not always be that way. I was plain out excited to learn. I wanted to learn, not just my major, but just about different subjects. I enjoyed it. If you go into college dragging your feet it is going to be so much harder to gain what there is to offer (and what you paid for!).

Next, I was just more mature. I took my schooling serious and realized the importance of it and doing well (I just couldn’t afford to do poorly). College is such a big jump and you don’t want to get started on the wrong foot. But just over those few years, I had grown up a little bit more. With so much more homework, you have to learn to juggle, prioritize, and not stress out over everything.

I’ll be honest with you guys. I didn’t like feeling “behind”. And I wasn’t. Plenty of people wait to go to school and many go back years or even decades later. But most of my friends were entering their senior year as I was entering my freshman. But really, it’s just not a big deal. And it should not be what holds you back if you are considering pursuing an education. What you learn is so valuable and is something that will always be with you. It’s all about going at your own pace.

During that 3 year break I worked and learned how to do different tasks at my job but also how to work with others and within a business. I also picked up blogging during that time and have dabbled in photography. And though blogging has been an on, off, and on again cycle, it is something I enjoy and love to do. Point is, I learned a lot during those years about myself and life that have helped me now in college.

So who knows where this will take me. Currently, I am planning on working towards my interior design degree. Although I will say right now, that IS NOT set in stone. This is the same girl who didn’t think she would go to college. So I’m not saying anything for sure. Hopefully this encouraged you. Maybe you are thinking about going back or did go back after a long break. I would love to hear from you and anything you learned along the way.